80L01018D33A : 800 Series Air Wire Rope Hoist and Trolley (Double Reeved)

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Shaw-Box 800 Series Wire Rope Hoists are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application. Their modular design and versatility provide a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoist speeds, and control options, making it possible to select the most efficient hoist for the job without wasted capacity or overkill. On the air models, electric hoist components are replaced by an air motor, control valve and pendant control assembly for the air hoist.

  • Capacity: 1 Ton – 2 Tons
  • Lift: 18′ – 24′
  • Powerful 8 blade crane type vane air motor is especially desinged for high torque operation.
  • Pendant throttle control. Two lever handle meters the air for precise variable speed control. Pendant handle and 3 hose assembly supported by steel strain relief cable.
  • Block operated upper limit switch standard. Two position geared limit switch available as an option.
  • Three reduction helical and spur gearing, precision cut and heat treated.
  • Lubrication is oil splash type in sealed gear case.
  • Weston type mechanical load brake holds the load and provides controlled lowering.
  • Anti-friction bearings throughout.
  • Deep grooved, large diameter rope drum which stores rated lift of hoist without overwrap.
  • Shrouded lower block with full swiveling forged steel hook with hook latch.
  • Air mufflers standard.
  • Spark-Resistant feature is an available option.

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