SPANCO301 : 301 Series Wall Mounted Jib Cranes – Tie Rod Supported

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  • 200° rotation.
  • Wall bracket (tie rod supported boom).
  • No supporting components are used under boom enabling full utilization of work area.
  • Utilizes standard I-beam and single tie rod design to eliminate off-center loading problems.
  • Spans to 30 feet standard (longer spans available).
  • This design is the most economical style of jib crane, provided overhead clearance or building column strength is not a limiting factor.
  • Wall bracket kits include all components except the I-beam, tie rod and mounting hardware, which if preferred, can be purchased locally.

Important Note:

This equipment is not, in any way, designed for lifting, supporting, or transporting humans. Failure to follow the specified load and mounting limitations can result in serious bodily injury and/or property damage.

Jib cranes should not be supported from any existing building structure without first consulting a qualified architect or engineer for the purpose of determining if the structure is adequate. Severe bodily injury and property damage can result if this procedure is not followed.

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