TMS-3-0335 : TM/TP/TG Top Running SIngle Girder End Trucks

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For heavy-duty class “C” single girder crane applications, nothing tops Harrington top running motorized end trucks. Along with a full range of features, end truck kits include: two trucks; two sealed, totally enclosed, non-ventilated (TENV) motors with adjustable D.C. brakes; two helical gear reducers; rubber bumpers; and bridge beam fastener set. All trucks are fully painted. Bridge fabrication prints are also included. As a member of Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA), Harrington builds TM trucks to meet current industry and regulatory codes.

Benefits to count on:

  • Frame fabrication from ASTM A500 structural tube for superior strength, rigidity and compactness.
  • Reduced wheel friction due to heavy-duty side guide rollers results in smooth crane travel—guide rollers are 3 1/2″” O.D. (5″” on 10 T) with fixed steel axles.
  • Minimize assembly labor with fully machined frames—girder connection, bracing and collector mounting bracket holes are drilled and tapped for easy installation.
  • Purchase the right component for the job—dedicated models for capacities of 1, 3, 5 and 10 Ton, with maximum span increments of 35′ or 60′.
  • Suitable for use on ASCE crane rail or square bar—wheels are machined steel with flat tread and each has 2 deep groove ball bearings, meeting L10 bearing life criteria for class C cranes.
  • Sealed TENV drives with quiet, smooth–operating helical gear reducers.
  • Gear reducer is designed for easy field conversion between L and S speeds.
  • Drives are designed for crane service, with 30 minute rating and feature cooling fins for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Externally adjustable D.C. brakes allow controlled deceleration—adjustable up to 50% of rated motor torque.
  • Thermal motor protection is standard.
  • Drives and brakes are compatible with Electronic Acceleration Control (EAC) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).
  • Drives are connectable for 230/460V-3-60 (including dual speed models). Other voltages available.
  • Rail sweeps and drop stops are standard.
  • Longer or shorter end truck lengths are available—consult factory.

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