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World Series® Features Thermalastic® Insulation System for Unequalled Dielectric Strength and Voltage Endurance.

Thermalastic® is a proprietary integrated insulation system that impregnates the wound and connected stator with a solventless epoxy resin. Originally developed by Westinghouse over 60 years ago, Thermalastic® is acknowledged as the industry’s premier insulation system and is under continuous development to maintain its position as the world’s finest.

Mica is the heart of the Thermalastic® insulation system and is applied to the groundwall section of all of the stator coils. The form-wound stator is post-impregnated with epoxy resin in a vacuum pressure tank and then transferred to an oven for polymerization. The result is a stator insulation system that withstands prolonged voltage stresses, moisture, dirt, thermal cycling and chemical contaminants.

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