In May 2020, Hi-Speed Industrial Services held a webinar on common crane issues led by Mike Ursery, Director of Hoist and Crane Operations at Hi-Speed, with guest speaker Ryan McDaniel with A2H Architects, Engineers, Planners entitled “From the Wheels Down: Structural Considerations and Overhead Crane Inspection, Maintenance and Operations.” Key points that the presenters reviewed in this webinar include:

  1. Indicators of foundation issues
  2. Considerations when a customer wants to add another hoist or bridge to an existing system or upgrade capacity on an existing system
  3. What structural issues can cause or worsen rail wear
  4. How to identify misalignment
  5. How temperature affects a structure, and
  6. How to know when a beam has reached its useful life

To view the full webinar detailing these important topics, click here.

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