Technical Profile: Eric Nash


Eric Nash
Tennessee Territory Manager

“I strive to use my 30+ years of material handling experience to recommend cost-effective solutions that work.




Eric Nash serves as the Tennessee Territory Manager for Hi-Speed Industrial Service via its Millington, TN location. In this role, he leads a team of service technicians; manages and produces new equipment and equipment repair quotes; and provides financial reporting and forecasting. Eric’s main objective is to use his 30+ years of material handling experience to recommend cost-effective solutions that work. He begins the process by explaining the proposed solution expectations, pros and cons, conferring with the client, and then delivering a quality product to the customer.



In a previous role, Eric worked in a manufacturing environment that produced a particular pneumatic self-leveling device for a palletizing and depalletizing application. From time to time, there were issues with air leaks. Most of the time, leaks were caught on the production floor. However, there were also times at which leaks occurred after a unit reached the customer. It became clear that the issue was with the fittings being used to assemble the unit. The client was using a Swagelok fitting with an internal brass skirt and collar which, when tightened, would flare and tighten around a high-pressure airline. The problem was, if the production staff assembling the unit over-tightened a fitting, it would not create the correct seal and would cause a leak. If caught at the factory, the unit would be pulled out of normal production and set aside to determine the location of the leak, repair the fitting or fittings, and re-pressure test the unit. Obviously, going through this process required extra labor and downtime, not to mention its negative effect on production numbers, internal deadlines and client expectations.

Eric was aware of another style of fitting, known as a “push-in” fitting, that was being used in a different industry that was capable of pressures up to 4500 psi and did not require tightening of external nuts to flare internal skirts and collars. Much to his surprise, it was also less expensive than the Swagelok fittings that were being used at the time. Switching over to the new push-in fittings offered several benefits to the customer:

  • Less time to train new hires
  • Elimination of installation errors (over-tightening of fittings)
  • The ability to more easily and immediately identify leaks as the result of a defective fitting
  • The ability to return defective fittings, since installer error has been eliminated
  • Elimination of unnecessary warranty repairs and associated freight costs
  • Elimination of additional labor required to troubleshoot and fix leaking units
  • Decrease in assembly time, thereby increasing production numbers and improving performance as well as client satisfaction



Eric has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, sales, production flow, material handling, ergonomics and equipment integration. Prior to joining Hi-Speed, he served in a number of technical, management and leadership positions in the industrial crane industry in California. Most recently, he served as a sales manager at Ace Crane Services, where he was responsible for managing service technicians, sales personnel, and customer and vendor relationships.



Eric attended Chaffey College where he studied business, management, marketing and related support services. He is a certified OSHA Crane Operator Trainer and has experience recommending solutions that adhere to both OSHA and ANSI standards.



Eric is certified by OSHA as a crane operator instructor and fall protection trainer. Additional skills include manufacturing experience, production scheduling, and international sales. Eric is also tech-savvy and stays up to date on the latest technology in an effort to be of the utmost value to his colleagues and his clients alike.