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Electric Motors

Hi-Speed Industrial Service repairs and rewinds all types of industrial motors, both AC and DC, up to thousands of horsepower.

Hoist & Cranes

Hi-Speed Industrial Service offers new parts and equipment sales, installation, warranty repair, rail alignment, electrification, end trucks, and controls.

Predictive Maintenance

Hi-Speed Industrial’s predictive maintenance services help detect unseen problems in many types of industrial equipment.

Mechanical Solutions

Hi-Speed Industrial Service can provide a complete detail and cost analysis of all work to be performed prior to beginning any work.


West Tennessee

7030 Ryburn Drive
Millington, TN 38053
Phone 901-873-5300
Fax 901-873-5301

Central Arkansas

6812 Lindsey Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone 501-375-9178
Fax 501-375-4254



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JOIN THE HI-SPEED TEAM! We're currently hiring for a variety of positions including hoist and crane field service technicians, electric motor mechanics, sales and marketing director, sales representatives, senior accountant, and more. APPLY ONLINE at https://gohispeed.itnhire.com/jobs/.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are postponing this webinar until another time yet to be determined. Register for the Overhead Crane Radio Controls seminar presented by Hi-Speed and Magnetek, and we'll notify you of the new date when it's established. https://www.gohispeed.com/radiocontrols/

Join us TOMORROW, May 5th at 11am for Overhead Crane Radio Controls: Key Factors for Reliability, Control and Safety, a virtual seminar presented by Hi-Speed and Magnetek. Register at https://www.gohispeed.com/radiocontrols/.

Downtime can seem random, but the good news is that you don’t have to leave downtime to chance! With the wise use of condition monitoring technology and predictive maintenance, you can minimize unplanned downtime and the extensive costs associated with it.

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The Benefits of Motion Amplification vs Standard Vibration

The Benefits of Motion Amplification vs Standard Vibration

The vast majority of vibration analysis is performed using accelerometers that gather critical data for evaluating the condition of electromechanical equipment. Vibration data is often vital for troubleshooting and necessary for predictive maintenance. However, while...

How to Subdue Unplanned Downtime: Predictive Maintenance

How to Subdue Unplanned Downtime: Predictive Maintenance

Out of the blue, one of the key electric motors at your facility breaks down. That entire production line comes to a grinding halt (often literally, too). You have to quickly find where the spare motor is, get it ready to install and pull the failed motor. And when...

How to Prevent Rolling Element Bearing Failure

How to Prevent Rolling Element Bearing Failure

Here’s a statistic you should know: mechanical failure, rather than electrical failure, is the cause of 80% of failures in electric motors.  Unplanned failures cost facilities countless dollars each year due to the resulting loss of productivity, overtime repairs, and...

Wire Rope Classifications & Characteristics for Hoists & Cranes

Wire Rope Classifications & Characteristics for Hoists & Cranes

While the concept of an overhead crane wire rope might seem simple enough, there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to selecting the correct wire rope for your application. It is critical to understand the difference between a general purpose wire rope,...


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