Electric Motors

We keep your motor running.

We repair, rewind and maintain all types of industrial motors, both AC and DC, up to thousands of horsepower.

Hoist & Cranes

We keep you on the up and up. New parts, equipment sales, installation, warranty repair, rail alignment, electrifications, end trucks and controls.

Predictive Maintenance

We keep you ahead of the game. Using customized technology, we can detect potential problems and recommend repair to avoid work slowdown or stoppage.

Parts & Equipment

We keep you supplied. New and used parts shipped anywhere the country and sales and installation of new equipment. Yes, we have what you’re looking for.

You can’t afford downtime. We get that. That’s why we do whatever it takes to keep you working. We repair your cranes, electric motors and electro-mechanical equipment. We respond to your emergency calls 24 hours a day. We get parts to you pronto. We use leading-edge technology to turn maintenance into an asset rather than an expense. The bottom line– we have the experience and know-how to keep you up and running.


West Tennessee

7030 Ryburn Drive
Millington, TN 38053
Phone 901-873-5300
Fax 901-873-5301

Central Arkansas

6812 Lindsey Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone 501-375-9178
Fax 501-375-4254



Our strengths define us – expertise, empowered leadership, focus on quality, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology. Hi-Speed is where relationships are built, and quality is unmatched. #HiSpeedStrengths #BuildingExcellence

Selecting the right drive for your overhead crane is crucial for optimal performance. Discover key factors to consider and make informed decisions for your business's material handling needs.

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Maximize your business's potential with a modernized overhead crane. Find out how this strategic move can drive growth and enhance safety standards.

What keeps Hi-Speed at the forefront? Our commitment to employee training! We invest in ongoing coaching to enhance skills and provide career paths. Stay tuned to discover how our well-trained team ensures top-notch services:

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Is Your Business Ready for an Overhead Crane?

Is Your Business Ready for an Overhead Crane?

Overhead cranes are among the most popular material-moving solutions used by US businesses. Their key benefits include increased worker safety, productivity, and efficiency. Cranes are available to meet various specific load weights ranging from a few hundred pounds...

Troubleshooting Common Overhead Crane Issues

Troubleshooting Common Overhead Crane Issues

Overhead cranes are complex machines that require the integration of several systems to lift and move equipment around the workplace. Consequently, these systems require ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance to maximize worker safety and crane performance. As a...

Which Overhead Crane System Do You Need?

Which Overhead Crane System Do You Need?

Overhead cranes are used extensively to lift and move heavy loads efficiently and safely around the workspace or facility. These overhead crane systems are essential to improving workflows and productivity while protecting workers and products.   They are...

We Do Whatever It Takes to Keep You Up and Running

We Do Whatever It Takes to Keep You Up and Running

If you spend time on our website, you’ll notice that our company mantra, “whatever it takes to keep you up and running,” appears on every page. With two locations to serve your facility and a vast inventory of overhead crane and electric motor parts and complete units...

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Overhead Crane?

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Overhead Crane?

Knowing when to replace or perform overhead crane upgrades can reduce unexpected downtime and repair costs. This article will discuss the top five reasons for upgrading your overhead crane or components, starting with crane longevity overview.   Overhead Crane...

The Importance of Overhead Crane Training

The Importance of Overhead Crane Training

Because proper overhead crane training benefits the operator, coworkers, and company productivity, its importance cannot be overstated. In addition to learning how to lift and move different load types correctly, overhead crane training also instructs operators and...


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