Electric Motors

We keep your motor running.

We repair, rewind and maintain all types of industrial motors, both AC and DC, up to thousands of horsepower.

Hoist & Cranes

We keep you on the up and up. New parts, equipment sales, installation, warranty repair, rail alignment, electrifications, end trucks and controls.

Predictive Maintenance

We keep you ahead of the game. Using customized technology, we can detect potential problems and recommend repair to avoid work slowdown or stoppage.

Parts & Equipment

We keep you supplied. New and used parts shipped anywhere the country and sales and installation of new equipment. Yes, we have what you’re looking for.

You can’t afford downtime. We get that. That’s why we do whatever it takes to keep you working. We repair your cranes, electric motors and electro-mechnical equipment. We respond to your emergency calls 24 hours a day. We get parts to you pronto. And we use leading-edge technology to turn maintenance into an asset rather than an expense. The bottom line– we have the experience and know-how to keep you up and running.


West Tennessee

7030 Ryburn Drive
Millington, TN 38053
Phone 901-873-5300
Fax 901-873-5301

Central Arkansas

6812 Lindsey Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone 501-375-9178
Fax 501-375-4254



From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! We wish everyone a happy holiday. Of course, for any clients in need of 24-hour emergency service, feel free to call on us at 1-800-713-0103 #upandrunning

We’re so proud of our very own Blake Parker who co-authored a white paper on drop-in motors that was recently published in @IEEEorg Industry Applications Magazine. Way to go, Blake! It’s an honor to have you on the Hi-Speed team. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/blake-parker-mba-75b7462b_gohispeed-upandrunning-reliability-activity-6856303231681773568-aG4r/?fbclid=IwAR13cUqZquQgu-BDOq-ociqixXLeK5UlPvUO5PG9lVhiVneRJsFdny7wECs

We partnered with @Gorbelinc to present a webinar on Intelligent Lifting Devices. We compared ILDs to other devices; discussed the ROI of ILDs; and reviewed a related ergonomic study from the @RITtigers. To learn more about the new age of lifting, view https://www.dropbox.com/s/4yilex9d8h5x4z9/Intelligent%20Overhead%20Lifting.mp4?dl=0

We are honored to wear pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month here at Hi-Speed. We’re super proud of Bodie and all of our team members who work hard every day to keep our community and our customers up and running!

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Hi-Speed Webinar: Intelligent Overhead Lifting

Hi-Speed Webinar: Intelligent Overhead Lifting

We were proud to partner with Gorbel to present an informative webinar about Intelligent Lifting Devices (ILDs). In this session, we compared ILDs to other devices; discussed the ROI of ILDs; and reviewed a related ergonomic study from the Rochester Institute of...

How to Modernize Your Overhead Crane for Safety & Efficiency

How to Modernize Your Overhead Crane for Safety & Efficiency

When one of your overhead cranes just isn’t performing like it used to, you can face some tough decisions. Is it time to replace it? Should you invest in a new crane? Or is it merely time to modernize your crane? Why Modernize Modernizing refers to enhancing and...

Overhead Crane Inspection: Do Not Forget the Hook!

Overhead Crane Inspection: Do Not Forget the Hook!

Your number one priority is maintaining the safety of your overhead crane equipment while maximizing its uptime. You are faithful to get complete OSHA inspections and perform timely repairs, but could you still be missing something? You may have forgotten about your...


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