When it comes to supply voltage variations, starting current and running current respond very differently. Read more about how changes in voltage have a significant impact on current in a recent Tip of the Week from our friends at PdMA. https://www.pdma.com/pdfs/tips/2020/3_16_2020.pdf

**COVID-19 Statement**

As an essential business, Hi-Speed continues to be available to serve customers during this time. We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and customers and to helping you keep your business up and running...


CALL ON US! We’re here to help. Whatever the issue, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help find a solution that works for you. 1-800-713-0103.

DON’T LET A CLOSED FACILITY SHUT DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT FOR GOOD! During this time, many facilities are temporarily closing or idling a shift or line. Let us help with deferred maintenance to ensure your equipment stays at peak performance!


REMOTE TROUBLESHOOTING! Need help? Contact us and we can help troubleshoot issues via Facetime or other video chat systems to help your business stay efficient and productive. 1-800-713-0103 or https://www.gohispeed.com/contact-us/.

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