If you spend time on our website, you’ll notice that our company mantra, “whatever it takes to keep you up and running,” appears on every page. With two locations to serve your facility and a vast inventory of overhead crane and electric motor parts and complete units at the ready, our team responds to emergency calls 24 hours a day. In this blog, we would like to share a recent customer story demonstrating our ability and commitment to do whatever it takes to keep you up and running.


January 16, 2024, started like any other winter day in Millington. With a 10-degree difference between the overnight low and high temperatures and the daily winter rain, many motorists struggled with the icy road conditions or avoided traveling altogether.


At 9:55 am, Tim in our inside sales team received an emergency email from an Arkansas customer. Two of their 10-horsepower electric motors were out of commission, effectively shutting down the production line. After confirming the motor specifications and checking Hi-Speed’s inventory, Tim assembled the quote and sent it to the customer for approval.


By 10:55 am, Tim had received the customer’s PO and arranged for HI-Speed’s truck and driver to make the trip to south Arkansas.


Under normal driving conditions, the trip should take about three hours. Despite the rain and near-freezing temperatures, we completed the trek in just over four hours. By 3 pm that afternoon, the motors were through the gate at the customer’s facility, unloaded and ready to install to bring the production line back up.


But that’s not quite the end of this customer story.


Tim provided the customer with his cell phone number in case they had any questions regarding the delivery that day or if another emergency arose. On Saturday the 20th, Tim received another call from that same customer. Two other electric motors went down that morning, shutting down the production line again.


Tim lives within a ten-minute drive of our Millington location and quickly sprang into action. He drove to the shop to verify the inventory and then sent a quote to the customer for approval. After receiving the new PO, Tim helped load the new motors onto the truck for another delivery to south Arkansas during the inclement weather.



H2: Whatever It Takes to Keep You Up and Running


It’s important to mention that it wasn’t chance or dumb luck that allowed us to provide this level of customer service. Because you can’t afford to be down for any time, Hi-Speed maintains an inventory of popular motor sizes and parts for these situations.


With two service locations, we can get the parts and service you need and effectively respond to emergencies 24 hours a day. Tim is one example of Hi-Speed’s team of customer-centric individuals.


If you’re tired of marginal customer service and want to work with people who care as much about your up-time and bottom line as you, reach out to learn more about our products and services at parts@gohispeed.com or call us today at 800-713-0103.