After 75+ years of continuous service to our local communities, many people have asked about our secret to the longevity and success of Hi-Speed Industrial Services. After all, how does a company not only survive, but thrive, for such a long time?


While we can’t speak for other companies, and it might sound a bit cliché, we believe our secret for success is our company culture.



Our Company Culture


Here at Hi-Speed, the primary goal of every employee is to keep you up and running. So, we start by finding team members who have the grit and determination to see your job or project through from start to finish. Honesty and accountability are also highly desired traits since much of our work occurs at your physical location, and not at our shop.


As a result of our unique company culture, Hi-Speed has been able to provide the best products, and industrial services available to our customers for over 75 years. You can learn more about our company culture here:



Employee Training


Hi-Speed has invested in on-going training and coaching to improve employee skill sets, and to provide career path options for those who want to expand their professional expertise. Depending on the subject matter and presenter availability, these trainings can occur at one of our locations, or the employee may need to travel to attend the workshop and pass the necessary exams to receive their accreditation certificates.


Employee training keeps all our team members up to date on the latest service, safety, and management techniques to create a positive business experience for all our customers, large and small. You can learn more about ongoing employee training and its benefits here:


Close-Knit Team


While we install similar products and provide services comparable to dozens of other companies, what makes Hi-Speed different is our close-knit team of  employees. They communicate and support each other more like family than a large group of assorted engineers, designers, installers, and service techs. You can learn more about our close-knit team here:


Instead of a silo business model, team members are encouraged to keep learning via our cross-training workshops, OTJ training, and hands-on experience. Senior employees typically oversee and mentor new employees while they master the skills and techniques essential for quality workmanship, unsurpassed service, and attention to detail. You can learn more about learning with a great team here:


Employee Trust


Because we hire the most talented candidates for open positions, there is no need to micro-manage our employees. We trust our team to do what is right, based on the specific situation and contributing factors. With this independence, and everyone looking out for each other, employee stress levels decrease at the shop and in the field. What’s it feel like to work where everyone’s got your back? This video can answer that question:



Employee Opportunity


Having a well-rounded team is critical for dealing with the daily challenges of providing superior industrial services. Providing a friendly and safe working environment, and competitive pay, isn’t enough to attract and retain the best employees.


Jobseekers today aren’t looking for another job, they’re looking for potential advancement opportunities. Our low-stress, family-like work environment, coupled with training workshops to improve one’s skill set and expertise, provide our team members with the growth and advancement opportunities not typically available elsewhere in the industrial service industry. You can learn more about these employee opportunities here: Link to being-there-for-each-other-video.


Chances are you already knew that Hi-Speed provides a wide variety of products and industrial services to keep you up and running.


We hope this look at our company culture will help you understand why Hi-Speed is such a great place to work, and why team members stay with us for so long.


If this sounds like a place you would want to work, you can check out our current open employment positions here.


Who knows, maybe you’ll be in our next round of videos for Hi-Speed Industrial Services.