Electric Motors

We keep your motor running.

We repair, rewind and maintain all types of industrial motors, both AC and DC, up to thousands of horsepower.

Hoist & Cranes

We keep you on the up and up. New parts, equipment sales, installation, warranty repair, rail alignment, electrifications, end trucks and controls.

Predictive Maintenance

We keep you ahead of the game. Using customized technology, we can detect potential problems and recommend repair to avoid work slowdown or stoppage.

Parts & Equipment

We keep you supplied. New and used parts shipped anywhere the country and sales and installation of new equipment. Yes, we have what you’re looking for.

Recent Electric Motor & Hoist Repair Blog Posts

Hi-Speed Webinar: Intelligent Overhead Lifting

Hi-Speed Webinar: Intelligent Overhead Lifting

We were proud to partner with Gorbel to present an informative webinar about Intelligent Lifting Devices (ILDs). In this session, we compared ILDs to other devices; discussed the ROI of ILDs; and reviewed a related ergonomic study from the Rochester Institute of...

Technical Profile: Mike Ursery

Technical Profile: Mike Ursery

Technical Profile: Mike Ursery   Mike UrseryOverhead Crane Territory Manager “I continually strive to grow my skills and job knowledge by reading, studying, and getting hands on experience.”     ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Mike Ursery serves as an...