Seth Blanton
Hoist & Crane Service Planner
Hi-Speed Industrial Service

I love being able to help my customers in their times of need.”



Seth serves as a Planner for Hi-Speed Industrial Service. In this role, he helps plan and facilitate projects for Hi-Speed’s valued customers throughout the Mid-South. Seth deals primarily with customers in need of solutions for crane and hoist projects. The types of clients he serves range from industrial plants and manufacturers to steel mills, paper mills and beyond. “If a customer calls with an emergency, I enjoy working with the Hi-Speed team to diagnose, evaluate and fix the situation,” Seth says. “Whether the part needs to be fixed or replaced, we can get the customer back up and running. I love being able to help my customers in their times of need.”


Seth attended Northwest Mississippi Community College and is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. While in school, Seth worked part-time as a sales associate for Blue Moon Estate Sales. Seth has been with Hi-Speed since June 2021 and, prior to his current role, served the company as an inside sales engineer.


Having earned his degree in mechanical engineering, Seth is passionate about his work. “I chose engineering, and the more I did it, the more I enjoyed the work,” he says. “I like solving problems, looking at them like a puzzle and finding the best solution for each situation.” Seth comes by his love of engineering naturally as his father has had a successful career in logistics and planning for 30 years. Seth is working toward becoming involved in EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) and additional industry and civic endeavors.


Originally from Olive Branch, Mississippi, Seth is a good steward of the community. He has served meals at the Calvary Rescue Mission, a Memphis-based ministry dedicated to alleviating poverty and hunger for the local population. In addition, he has traveled to Mexico for several years to help build housing and irrigation systems for schools at the Mexican Indian Training Center (MITC) in Cordoba, Mexico. At Hi-Speed, Seth loves the people with whom he works. He notes that the inside sales team is very tight-knit and dedicated to working together to find solutions for customers. Seth says the most rewarding part of his job at Hi-Speed is figuring out customers’ issues accurately, in a timely manner when they need it most. When he’s not working, Seth enjoys going out west and camping in the great outdoors.