In our last blog post, we discussed our family-like company culture that provides a supportive workplace environment with pathways for employees to learn, grow, and thrive. Today, we’ll talk with several team members to learn how our company culture has impacted their jobs and career choices.


Our Company Culture


The work we do is inherently difficult and dangerous, so we carefully seek out the job candidates with the following values:


Grit don’t quit – this 3-word phrase has become the company mantra because it sums up our commitment to do whatever it takes to keep you up and running.


Do it right – we don’t rely on shortcuts or hacks to finish your project on time, or to accommodate our busy schedule. Our primary focus is to provide quality products and services to every Hi-Speed customer.


Check your ego – every employee has a unique set of skills and expertise, and we work collaboratively as a team to provide the best solution to every challenge. Our goal is to provide successful  customer experience, regardless of the project size or job conditions.


Don’t walk past it – as we perform routine maintenance or repairs, it’s not uncommon to discover other potential problems such as a loose drive belt or misaligned shafts. When this happens, we don’t walk past it and wait for the issue to reveal itself later. Instead, we immediately notify you of the findings, and recommend a course of action to remedy the situation.


Employee Trust


Trust is critical to our success, since new installs, maintenance services, or component repair typically occur at your site, not at either of our shop locations. Unfortunately, building trust doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and a bit of patience.


One major benefit of a family-like work environment  is that trust will naturally develop as employees continually work together across different projects over time. Work stress disappears when you feel that everyone has your back.


Every Day Is Different

No two days are the same here at Hi-Speed, due to the variety of products and services we provide to our customers. Today’s project might involve rebuilding an electric motor, and tomorrow you’re troubleshooting a pump that doesn’t provide the 20psi needed for proper operation.

While many of our employees arrived with years of experience, many others arrived asking us only to give them a chance, which led to the creation of workshops and training opportunities. A key component of any supportive workplace environment, learning opportunities allow employees to build themselves and their skill sets for career stability and advancement.


We’re more interested in the whole person rather than their resumé, some training workshops occur on-site, while others require the employee to travel to attend.

We strongly encourage our employees to never stop learning since technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we work.



Being flexible to changing customer needs requires teamwork at every level to be successful, from design, to troubleshooting, and even ordering parts. Our great team of employees are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with other team members as they progress along their individual career path.



According to Terrance, who just celebrated 15 years as a member of the Hi-Speed family, “My favorite thing is the people I work with. We have an excellent team cohesiveness.” And that, “When you come in, it’s not monotonous. It’s anything but that. The diversity of the equipment, that’s what makes it fun, and that’s what keeps it challenging.”

Thanks to our supportive workplace environment, ongoing employee trainings, and a family-like atmosphere, the average employee tenure is now 10+ years. If these professional values resonate with you, please check out the complete list of open positions at our Arkansas or Tennessee locations.